2017: Film

Smirnoff asked us to create a global project that captures a simple and powerful truth: parties drive culture forward. We've crafted four films for Brazil, Kenya, Argentina, and India. (Ask for the Pass!) 


Agency: 72andSunny NYC

Creative Directors: Mikio Bradley and David Goss

Creatives: Amanda Brencys, Marco Rosella, Adam Van Dusen

Director: Abteen Bagherri



2017: Digital Film

General Mills asked us to use their new brand platform, Good Starts with G, to speak to people over 50 about the Fuel of Fiber on Facebook. We created three films about inspiring individuals who changed their lives after their 50th birthday. 


Agency: 72andSunny NYC

Group Creative Director: Justine Armour

Creatives: Nick Panayotopoulos, Chena Stephens, Jose Contreras, Adam Van Dusen


Polo Ralph Lauren: Ralph Told Me

2017: Print, Digital, OOH

Ralph Lauren asked us to make the Polo cool again. We took Ralph Lauren's inspirational roots as a "designer of dreams" and gave the microphone to a new generation of dreamers. While this project didn't live, we believe in what Ralph Told Us.


Agency: 72andSunny NYC

Creative Directors: Guillermo Vega, Brandon Pierce, and Adolfo Alcala

Creatives: Mikio Bradley, David Goss, Sarah Sharp, Rachel Ellam, Adam Van Dusen


XFINITY: holiday

2016: Film, Digital, Social

When grandkids complained about the lack of wifi at their Grandma's house, we solved the problem. 


Agency: 72andSunny NYC

Creative Directors: Bryan Rowles, Eric Steele, Erik Norin

Creatives: Mikio Bradley, David Goss, Serena Smith, and Adam Van Dusen


smirnoff: Love wins

2017: Digital, Social

To celebrate LGBTQ+ pride, we launched the #LoveWins website with accompanying social to promote the activation. To bring this to project to life in a unique way, we collaborated with illustrator and artist, Marina Esmeraldo


Agency: 72andSunny NYC

Creative Directors: Guillermo Vega, Brandon Pierce, and Adolfo Alcala

Creatives: Amanda Brencys, Oliver Gormssen, Adam Van Dusen

Illustrator: Marina Esmeraldo


cabin Collective

2015: Film, Digital

We launched the brand campaign on IndieGoGo and it raised $44,804.


Agency: Freelance

Creatives: Alex Lianopoulos and Adam Van Dusen